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About Us

We take pride in being your go-to water refill station. We understand the importance of access to pure water for your well-being and hydration needs.

Our brand, represents our commitment to delivering exceptional water treatment solutions that surpass industry standards.

We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge processes to ensure that every drop of water that reaches your glass is of the highest quality.

Experience the difference with us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to clean, safe, and refreshing drinking water. Join our growing community of satisfied customers and discover why LA Springs is the preferred choice for those seeking the best in water treatment.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To ensure that individuals have access to dependable, safe, and clean drinking water.

Our Vision

To transform the African community to a state where every individual has the fundamental right to access reliable, safe, and clean drinking water by 2050.

Core Values

Why Choose Us


One of our most important value to uphold at the highest regard, is cleanliness. Due to the fact that, we deal with consumable product, we never at any point compromise on a clean water treatment process.


Clean, safe drinking water should be key to good long healthy life for all. Therefore, stringent measure is be put in place to control and assure a perfect-end-product for our customers.

Customer Care

We are always available to offer quick informative responses to all our customers. Our business is majorly focused on customer satisfaction and feedback. We take full responsibility of our products and services.


One of our many strengths is the timely and free delivery of our drinking water to our customers. We know what it feels when you are thirty... you want to quench as fast as possible. Therefore, we have a fully dedicated delivery department to ensure there are no delays.

Our Products

Every household and business entity requires reliable, safe and clean drinking water. Our various products do cater for every need and occasion, the different sizes and capacity of the drinking water volume will depend on the different perceptions of our customers.



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Pelikan Village Thindigua, Kiambu Road.